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Season 40 [Click on the Covers to download the story in PDF format]
Written by: Krista Wilson & Matthew James
A distress call, abruptly cut off, leads the Doctor, Val and Tom to ship where only a handful of people remain. Ghostly shapes prowl the corridors picking them off the survivors one by one. The Doctor discovers that the crew did not send the distress call and suspect him of being responsible for the disappearances. Then the TARDIS is taken. The Doctor is forced into desperate measures to track down the alien force behind the ghostly apparitions, find out who sent the distress call and explain the fact that although five people are supposed to be aboard, six life signs are registering.  

Written by: Miles Reid-Lobatto
Returning home to find their old friend, John Grantham missing, Tom and Val's only trace leads to The Church of the New Future, a modern-day psuedo-religion that focuses on purging mankind of their destructive impulses for a perfect future, and is finding great popularity in the disaffected youth of the world. In an attempt to get to the bottom of everything, the Doctor discovers that an old enemy of his has returned. The Cybermen are back, and this time, they've brought religion. As the situation becomes desperate, Tom and Val themselves will make the greatest sacrifice of all in order to save the human race.  

Written by: John-Gordon Swogger
Forty million years ago, a creature known as The Emissary brought an Oracle to a Silurian city that would one day lie in ruins beneath the Devil's Tower in Wyoming. Fifty million years later, on a colony ship known as the Arcadia, the Doctor and his new companion, Hannah Redfoot, arrive and immediately find themselves pursued by terrifying, genetically-altered reptilian creatures which the Doctor appears to partly recognise. In 2014, Liz Shaw, UNIT and a Silurian named Syrok attempt to unravel a mystery surrounding a failed mission from sixteen years earlier, which leads them to the catacombs beneath the Devil's Tower. And in the white citadel aboard the Arcadia, the Doctor - impossibly - encounters not one, not two, but three incarnations of the Master...

Written by: John-Gordon Swogger
After forty million years, The Oracle is awakening. On the Arcadia, Hannah and the Doctor barely escape with their lives and return to Earth, where they join forces with Liz Shaw and her team. But not is all as it seems. To what lengths will Liz Shaw go to save her species and planet? What is the true nature of the Oracle? And can the Doctor survive three incarnations of his direst enemy? A plan that began forty million years ago in the heat of the Silurian Empire threatens to destroy humanity and unleash a force greater than anything the universe has ever seen.


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