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The Night Before Christmas
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Written by: Craig Charlesworth

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house not a creature is stirring...

Except the Doctor, and Hannah. Oh, and the evil alien Santa stalking them through the corridors. As the bodies pile up in a house riddled with secrets, the Doctor must find the killer before it's his turn. Meanwhile, Hannah harbors a secret of her own that could destroy her relationship with her best friend.

Careful with that mistletoe.  Stay well away from the plum pudding.  And whatever you do, pray you don't find a lump of coal in your stocking.  Because this is one Christmas when you really, really had better watch out!

The Throne of Peladon
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Written by: James P. Quick

The Doctor and Hannah arrive on Peladon in th eyear 4100. King Pelleas is on death's door, the throne is nearly vacant, and Prince Pelenat, the King's rightful successor, is trying to prepare himself for the enormity of his imminent new position. However, his twin, Prince Thalaan, has recently taken a belligerent turn. He insists tht the throne is his and is more than willing to fight dirty for it. As Thalaan incites a coup, attending dignitaries from the Galactic Federation begin to take sides. The Doctor and Hannah are soon caught in a mess that could rip both Peladon and the Federation apart at the seems.

The Secrret of Peladon
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Written by: James P. Quick

Both the Doctor and Hannah are dead, crushed to death in a collapsing building – or that’s what they think of each other, at least. However, now is an extremely bad time to be separated. A mutiny is spreading through the Martian ranks and the Argolin and Mentor ambassadors are plotting to exterminate the Foamasi out of sheer greed. With these plots in motion, the real threat remains unnoticed. A threat locked away in the trisilicate mines underneath the citadel. A threat with a secret. Why is there a second Thalaan?

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Written by: Hamish Crawford

In 1919 New Orleans, the Doctor and Hannah visit Mr. Oldfield, a retired Time Lord who is married and content to live out his remaining centuries in a haunted house in Treme. When Hannah discovers Oldfield's wife Collette is tormented by visions of a violent man who somehow is and is not her husband, a nightmarish apparition roams the house after dark, and a strange woman stalks their every step, it becomes clear that Oldfield is here to escape his past. The Doctor must explore his friend's memories to uncover the truth.

Web of Insanity
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Written by: Ian Manning with J.E. Remy

The Mercury Mining Company is an unwelcome resident of the planet Pearl. Since mining for the crystals of Pearl began, the avian Keer have been forced to endure storms, earthquakes, and the mysterious Shades. When the Doctor and Hannah arrive for the first geology conference of the Eight Galaxies, they are soon drawn into the political frustrations between the MMC and the indigenous people. While a hidden hand seems to help guide the Doctor and Hannah in the right direction, an old enemy is clawing its way back into the physical realm. The last time the Doctor faced the Eight-Legs, it cost him his life. Will he have to lose his life again, if he is to defeat them once more?

Dolce Musica Della Morte
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Written by: Matthew James

A boy who never grows old, surrounded by people ageing before their time. A monster glimpsed on the night streets, hunting for something. A force capable of destroying all life on Earth a force which the Doctor refuses to stop. Only Hannah can save the day - but then the monster gets her!

Rights & Responsibilities
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Written by: Richard Hoover

The Doctor is gone. Through the machinations of an alien scientist bent on changing time to revive his species at the expense of another. Stranded on the Doctor's home world, Hannah must escape the forces of the grand high Time Lords as well as those of a band of insurgents. More, she must convince one man - the Admin - to change time in order to set the universe right and save the Doctor from a fate of walking death.

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Written by: Nick Krohn

The tensions between the human and robotic populations of Lunar Colony L8 have become potentially explosive, and The Doctor and Hannah may be at the flashpoint. When a robotic citizen is murdered, The Doctor and Hannah become fugitives from the authorities after being wrongly accused of the crime. In the race to discover the true culprit, the Doctor, Hannah, and their new friends uncover a vast conspiracy that could topple the colony's government. When he is once again taken into custody, the Doctor must use the public broadcast of his trial for murder to uncover the true culprit before it becomes the public broadcast of his execution.

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Written by: Nick Krohn

In the far future Eileen Hastings, a great scientist, prepares to sacrifice her life in the process of transforming the atmosphere of a planet from a poisonous soup into a breathable atmosphere in moments. If she fails, her people will have nowhere to live and her culture and heritage will slowly fade away. She considers her life to be a fair trade for her people The Doctor and Hannah try to intervene, but Hastings cannot abandon her purpose. The Doctor takes her into the future only to find her dream of a paradise turned into a horrifying nightmare. Now the race is on to find out what happened on that fateful Midwinter's Eve, and how it can be stopped before it destroys countless lives. This Midwinter, Eileen Hastings is the only hope of her people. Her only hope is the Doctor.

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