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[BE1] Fear The Dark
Fear The Dark
Written by: Robert Mammone

This story features the Third Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith

A small team of scientists have been secreted aboard a research station located on a hidden asteroid in deep space.  Their mission - successfully test a system designed to create wormholes at will, and enable their government to use it to quickly end a rebellion that is threatening to topple the old order.  When the final test is successful - too successful; it ruptures the fabric of the universe allowing living shadows to cross over.  When the third Doctor and Sarah Jane arrive, they discover the remnants of an investigative team sent to discover what went wrong.  Initially under suspicion, the Doctor and Sarah team up with the surviving investigator and work together to drive the creatures back into their own dimension and seal the breach before every living being has been consumed.

[BE2] Symbiosis
Written by: John Davies

This story features the Second Doctor, Ben and Polly

Nobody could ever question Ben Jackson's loyalty.  In the navy and now in time and space, he was someone to be trusted, someone to have on your side.  He was unshakable.  With Polly and the Doctor, this trait had become symbiotic.  Together, they were a team, a unit - rock solid in taking care of each other no matter what the Universe may throw their way.  And, right now, as Ben movies quietly through an alien control room, this solidarity is needed more than ever.  Polly has been captured, imprisoned by the Emod, her only hope of salvation rests with Ben and the Doctor.  However, as time passes, and Polly's would be rescuers strive to reach her, Ben finds himself undergoing a personal trial of faith.

[BE3] Monkey Cups
Monkey Cups
Written by: Dan Tessier

This story features the Sixth Doctor and Peri

The Doctor and Peri take a trip to nineteenth century Borneo in search of the fabled Rafflesia flower - a seemingly harmless trip that takes a turn for the worse when they encounter British explorer Professor Crumb and a group of deadly Iban warriors.  However, the true threat is something very different - something that isn't human.  The travelers discover that evolution doesn't always run quite the same course across the Universe.

[BE4] This Is How The World Ends
This Is How The World Ends
Written by: Robert Mammone

This story features the Sixth Doctor and Peri

Answering a distress signal from a distant planet, the Doctor and Peri find themselves intertwined in the lives of two of the colonists who harbor great hopes for the future and a terrible secret from the past.  With the planet slowly dying, the Doctor wrestles with a decision which will have a lasting impact on the lives of those he seeks to rescue, as well as for himself.

[BE5] Canary In A Coal Mine
Canary In A Coal Mine
Written by: Ian Wheeler

This story features the Seventh Doctor and Ace

Traveling through time is not without its hazards.  When the Doctor is forced to bring the TARDIS out of the space/time vortex in what should have been a routine rematerilsation, goes horribly wrong. The time machine has materialized in a part of space already occupied by another object, and it's all going to get rather messy.  As the TARDIS, and the other vessel, struggle to co-exist, strange things start to happen.  Whilst the Doctor tries to control the situation in the console room, Ace must travel alone into the bowels of the TARDIS on a terrifying journey.  Her deadly mission will challenge not only her own resolve, but will her friendship with the Doctor as its never been tested before.  What is the other object?  Can it destroy the TARDIS?  Can the Time Lord's friendship with his companion survive?  And why is Ace turning into a dog?

[BE6] It's Behind You
Its Behind You
Written by: John Callaghan
The village of Frangeford has a quaint local legend - two hundred years ago a benevolent alien foiled an invasion attempted by giant blue lizards.  Louise Ethers, the local librarian, plans to celebrate, but not all the locals want the event remembered.

[BE7] The Man of Many Faces
the Man of Many Faces
Written by: Steve Oliver

This story features the Sixth Doctor and Peri

The Doctor wants to show Peri that the universe isn't all dangerous, and so promises to take her to a tropical planet untouched by civilization.  However, the TARDIS mistakenly lands on Khranos Prime, a human-colony world in the 22nd century - but something is wrong.  What should be a thriving metropolis is inhabited solely by worker robots.  With Peri struggling to come to terms with the Doctor's newly regenerated persona, together they investigate.

[BE8] Where There's Thunder
Where There's Thunder
Written by: Richard Hoover

This story features the Second Doctor, Jamie and Zoe

It's 1832 and an eclipse of the sun brings more than just a celestial spectacle.  As lightning falls, a young boy sees.  The TARDIS has brought the Doctor, Jamie and Zoe to a quaint countryside farm.  But amid the rustic setting stands a colossal site - four metal spires reaching to the sky.  Parts of a device created by renowned scientists and rivals Michael Faraday and William Sturgeon.  A device capable of harnessing devastating energies.  What force has brought these men together?  What is their "great experiment"?  What secrets lie in the storm clouds gathering above?  While Jamie and Zoe fend for themselves, the Doctor struggles to find the answers before his dreams become nightmares.

[BE9] The Trap
The Trap
Written by: Steve Oliver

This story features the Seventh Doctor and Ace

It;s 2683 and the planet Njohuri is home to the Galactic Library, the greatest collection of information and data mankind has ever known.  The Doctor's curiosity is piqued when the TARDIS receives a signal from the planet, so he and Ace set out to investigate, but something is wrong.  Instead of the thriving city they expect to find, the surface of Njohuri is a desolate wasteland.  For the Doctor and Ace, an adventure across space and time awaits.

[BE10] The Morro Castle
The Morro Castle
Written by: Martin Montague

This story features the Sixth Doctor and Peri

After a series of failed attempts to show Peri a good time, the Doctor plans a trip to prohibition era USA, for a cruise from Havana to New York.  As ever, he lands the TARDIS in the wrong time and in the thick of danger.  It's September 7, 1934 and disaster is about to strike passengers and crew of the SS Morro Castle.  A being from another reality has entered our own, and it's hungry.  By the morning of September 8th, the death toll will be high, but can the Doctor and Peri avoid being among their numbers?

[BE11] The Ties That Bind
The Ties That Bind
Written by: Martin Broom

This story features the Seventh Doctor and Ace

Arriving at a country house in England in the 1930s, the Doctor and Ace discover it is an unhappy place burdened by darkness and terrible secrets.  It is possible there is a murderer amongst the occupants and maybe something far worse.  They must unlock the secrets of the house and piece together the truth if they are to have a chance at freeing everybody from its terrible grip.

A Winters Tale
Written by: David Wallington

This story features the Third Doctor and Jo Grant

The TARDIS is pulled off course by a strong magnetic field. Exploring the icy landscape, the Doctor and Jo Grant meet a strangely familiar character and discover the truth behind one of Earth's most enduring legends.

A Word To The Wise
Written by: Michael Baxter

This story features the First Doctor

In the days long-ago of the Old Testament, a group of travelers are journeying to Bethel. Amongst them are the sisters Leah and Rachel, wives of Jacob.  When the TARDIS arrives in the wilderness, the Doctor perceives the dark intentions of Leah.  How much of the future is he willing to reveal in order to turn this bitter woman from her sinister purpose?

Shadow at the Heart
Written by: James P. Quick & Daniel Tessier

This story features the Fifth Doctor and Nyssa

They say that the atmosphere of Traken is so suffused with goodness that any evil that arrives there is sure to just shrivel up and die. They say it's a paradise, matched by few, exceeded by none. Is it any wonder that other beings look upon it enviously as their own civilizations crumble? Nyssa has never left Traken, but she explores the universe every night from the safety of her grounds. Yet what she sees through her telescope tonight frightens her. What is happening to the stars? For Nyssa, Traken is the most wonderful place in the universe, but soon it could be the only place left...

The Misshapen Planet
Written by: Chris McKeon
This story features the First Doctor, Stephen & Dodo

The TARDIS intercepts a distress signal traveling through time and the Doctor feels compelled to investigate. Tracing the call to a beautiful world, the Ship lands within a mysterious vessel; and soon the Doctor, Steven, and Dodo find themselves trapped in the sinister clutches of the Doctor's old enemies, the Voord. And to make matters worse, there is also another TARDIS on board the Voord ship, a TARDIS with a Monk at its helm. With Dodo and Steven held hostage, the Doctor is forced to assist his fellow time traveller in completing a dangerous task. But why has the Monk allied himself with the Voord? What is their bold, new intention? What is the strange object that lies at the bottom of the Ravine? And what sudden, terrifying illness has afflicted the Doctor? The answer to these questions leads the Doctor straight into a catastrophe, which hits closer to home than he ever thought possible.

The Secrets of Bone Island
Written by: Michael Baxter
This story features the First Doctor

When the topsail schooner Miss Miles is wrecked, Edmund Leigh finds himself stranded on Bone Island, a place to be avoided by superstitious sailors. Edmund encounters the Doctor and together they accompany two of the Aranthean race on a quest to rescue their lost queen, Valadria. Unknown to them all, an ancient horror awaits them at the end of their expedition.

Written by: David Wallington
This story features the Sixth Doctor and Peri

A small town on twentieth-century Earth. A series of bizarre and unexplained deaths. The Sixth Doctor and Peri are caught up in the search to find a mysterious killer in modern-day England, and a race against time to stop before they strike again. They soon discover that the female of the species can be deadlier than the male…

Written by: Michael Baxter
This story features the First Doctor

Curiosity draws the Doctor into an antique emporium known as The Three Mariners. Edwin Chitty, the elderly owner, tells of a spectre that haunts the property, said to be the manifestation of a noblewoman who was drowned centuries earlier. The two old men undertake an overnight vigil in the shop and witness the vision of a hauntingly beautiful woman. A strange, jewelled artefact amongst the shop’s merchandise is the key to her true identity, and an indication of the power that might be unleashed against mankind…

Written by: John G. Wood
This story features the First Doctor, Susan, Ian and Barbara

When the mysterious Doctor first joined the residents of the Golden Firs Residential Care Home, stroke survivor Malcolm Conway felt he had found someone to talk to at last. Not everything the Doctor said made sense, however, and after witnessing some perplexing conversations with the old man's friends and granddaughter, Malcolm realised something was definitely wrong. Nothing could have prepared him for quite how wrong.

Written by: Daniel Tessier & James P. Quick
This story features the Ninth Doctor and Silver

When she was a little girl, Mary Anning hunted for fossils on the beach, both for fun and to sell for a few extra pennies. When she grew up, she became one of the best-known paleontologists in the world—all from the rooms of her little fossil shop. In a time when humanity is just beginning to learn of the vast prehistory of its own world, Mary is swept up in an adventure with the Doctor and Silver. One that takes her further into the past than she could ever have believed, to meet creatures she could never have imagined.

Written By: R. Morgan Crihfield
This story features the Fourth Doctor and Leela

On a cliff deep in the age of Vikings stands the Methuselah. This ancient sage is ready for his final rebirth. Now, his work nears its end. A prophecy passed from generation to generation nears fulfillment. They are coming. The fearsome Huntress and a demon known only as Dok Tor. The beacons lie hidden across time and space—keys to the unimaginable power locked inside an ancient artifact. Then, the artifact wakes…

Written by: Michael Baxter
This story features the First Doctor

Hastings Ascham, a forbidding Gothic house in the little Yorkshire town of Matching, has been shrouded in mystery for decades. Five people have vanished without trace while within its walls, yet its owner, the determined Jemima Flinch, continues to endure the oppressive atmosphere of the cursed residence. The Doctor and Edmund Leigh, accompanied by the Reverend Guy Ridley, investigate and discover the horrifying truth about the so-called ‘Devil Patient’. The question is, how can such an evil, twisted entity be prevented from drawing further victims into its bleak world of imprisoned souls?

Written by: R. Morgan Crihfield
This story features the Sixth Doctor and Peri

It’s a white Christmas in rural Colorado and an old enemy of humanity stirs deep in the freezing forest. A young traveler’s car breaks down at the worst possible time and she seek help and shelter from the winter storm in an old cabin on the hill, where a terrible secret awaits. An old blue Police Box arrives with the Doctor and Peri just in time to investigate a cry for help before tragedy strikes. The Doctor may be too late to save his friend but something stalks his steps in the forest at night and the clock is ticking. A familiar foe has designs against humanity, can the Doctor intervene before its too late or will this be the last Christmas?

Written by: R. Morgan Crihfield
This story features the Seventh Doctor and Ace

In a far-flung corner of the galaxy lies the Primeval Ruins where a thousand cultures have come to study the mysterious signal which emanates from these bizarre structures with few real answers. When a Time Lord scientist falls ill and dies during her studies - she only has one word of warning: Slumber. The Doctor and Ace travel to this foreboding landscape to find answers; and answers they find- will be like a nightmare.

Written by: Michael Baxter
This story features the First Doctor, John and Gillian

Anne, Queen of England, is in a quandary. Who is to be her successor? Her Catholic half-brother James, who has always been her enemy? Or George of Hanover, whom she has always greatly disliked?

The Queen records her ponderings on the subject, and also relates the story of her life. She writes of her colourful family, including the flamboyant King Charles II, the stubborn James II, the lovestruck Princess Mary, and the ambitious but illegitimate Duke of Monmouth. But how has she gained knowledge of events that will occur beyond her own lifetime? Could her unofficial adviser, the Bishop of Tardis, be the source?

For the first time, the content of this extraordinary document, discovered in the archives at Windsor Castle, can be perused by the public. Start reading now, for a move to suppress it has, reputedly, already commenced.

Written by: David Wallington
This story features the Fourth Doctor

Digging tunnels for a new station on the London Underground, workers come across a train - but one that went missing in 1939. Of its occupants there is no sign. Head of C19 - the department of UNIT dealing with the regular Army - General John Sudbury calls on the Doctor for help. They trace a signal to the top of the Canary Wharf tower and set off to find out where it is being beamed to. They arrive in a ghost town - abandoned during the Second World War - and discover another beacon which the Doctor programmes into the TARDIS computer. They materialize in a familiar ghost town but this time it isn't deserted. As they confront the villagers, they discover that someone has been playing a game with them, but can the Doctor and Sudbury win the game?

Written by: Nick May
This story features the Fourth Doctor

Student Stuart Milner’s hopes of getting some much-needed work done on his train journey home for the holidays are dashed by the arrival of a beautiful, ethereal girl and a wild-eyed stranger in a very long scarf. Soon the girl vanishes, the train is pulled into another dimension and a platoon of robots appears, demanding she is found and turned over to them on pain of death. Stuart and his travelling companion, the Doctor, must unravel a tale of war and corporate espionage if they are to defuse the situation, release the train and stand any chance of getting some revision done…

Written by: Michael Baxter
This story features the First Doctor

The Doctor promises to take John and Gillian to the coronation of Queen Elizabeth I, though the children are dubious about his ability to direct the TARDIS there. Surprisingly, the time travellers find themselves in the midst of coronation revelry in the bedecked streets of Tudor London and proceed to enjoy the colourful sights around them. When an assassination plot comes to their attention, the three resolve to foil it and keep history on the right path. Matters take an unexpected turn, however, and the children are horrified when they realise what terrible events their efforts have helped to ensure.

Written by: Paul Williams
This story features the Fifth Doctor

It is London 1800. Turlough spends Christmas in the condemned cells at Newgate prison, convicted of murder with Sweeny Todd. His defense that he found the bodies whilst searching for an alien predator is not believed. Todd’s lover who harboured the creature is dead, and it has disappeared. Aided only by a reluctant lawyer the Doctor must find a way to prove the impossible and save his companion’s life

[BE30] TBA
Written by: TBA

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