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[Season 35] [Click on the Covers to download PDF]
Written by: Jack Rees, With Additional Material by: Samantha Warner
Earth - the present day. What connects the disaster at NASA, a strange signal from an American foster house, and a large UFO above Africa? The Doctor is on the hunt to unravel the mystery, while Rachel does some detecting of her own, back home in Connecticut. A world wide conspiracy is at hand, with the unstoppable Pentacle Corporation behind it. Time is running out, with alien cults and demonic creatures drawing in, not even the Doctor will be able to save us this time.

Written by: Jack Rees, With Additional Material by: Samantha Warner
The Doctor is dead. Rachel is left to face Armageddon as the wolves set the world aflame. With the monsters drawing in, and the hunt for an ancient relic coming to an end, can she find it within herself to save us all? Seth will reveal his last secret. Rachel will face her destiny. Their time is now. The countdown to the end of the world has begun...

Written by: Arnold T. Blumberg, With Additional Material by: Jodie van de Wetering and Stephanie Crawford-John
"The evil that men do lives after them, Doctor...but sometimes, the men themselves are damned difficult to get rid of."

The TARDIS brings Doctor Who and Silver to the dusty mining town of Crawford, Wyoming in the late 1880s. There they meet Daniel Edward Cayde, a hired gun with a murky past. But even worse things are roaming around town in the dark of night. As glowing green corpse's claw their way out of the cold earth and march toward Crawford with human flesh on their otherwise empty minds, the Doctor discovers that an even greater terror lies in wait, biding its time after millennia of cold calculation. Apocalypse has arrived in Crawford, and the very forces of Time, Mind and Life are at stake. Even Doctor Who may not be able to resist the Curse of the Jade Skull!

Written by: David P. May
Once again the Doctor's uncanny knack for landing himself in trouble manifests itself when the TARDIS arrives in war-ravaged France in 1915. And trouble certainly finds him in the shape of a bullet. Silver knows all too well that if the Doctor dies, she will be trapped in the past. The First World War is a conflict the Doctor has no desire to influence and yet, even though all he wants to do is get away quietly; his very presence there is to have a profound effect on two men on opposite sides of the battle. Two men who will spend the rest of their lives wondering about that strange night in December 1915...

Written by: Craig Charlesworth
Nero's Rome is in tatters - devastated by fire, now torn apart from within as various political factions vie for power. A series of gory murders seems set to light the powder keg the city has become - unless the Doctor can find the culprit and bring him to justice. But when the list of suspects includes Gods, corrupt Senators and a criminal from the Doctor's own past, that's not going to be a simple matter. With Silver lined up as the killer's next victim, and Nero himself in danger, time is a luxury the Doctor and his new friend Cornelius do not have.

Written by: Misha Lauenstein
The Doctor and Silver find themselves in the resort town of Kelowna, British Columbia where the locals talk of a mythical lake-dwelling creature known as Ogopogo. What does that have to do with the mysterious meteor that crashed into the lake the night before their arrival?

Written by: Duncan Johnson
In June 1553, Jane Dudley became Queen of England. Nine days later, she was deposed, arrested and imprisoned in the Tower of London. In February of the following year, she was executed. This is the story of what might have been.

Written by: Robert Mammone
For millennia, the name Dreadnought struck fear across the galaxy. Now, shrouded in history, they have faded from memory. But are not completely gone. One of the last of their kind has re-emerged on Earth from an aeons old slumber, ready to topple human civilization in a matter of weeks. Can the Doctor and Silver find away to defeat this creature of darkest legend? Or will they see everything they hold dear die under the onslaught of the Dreadnoughts?

Written by: John G. Swogger
The TARDIS is dead. An impact with a Null-Time event causes the time-ship to collapse in on itself and deposit the Doctor, Silver and Mortimer on a small Caribbean island in November, 1963. A terrible accident, the Doctor says - but is it? Events of worldwide importance make their impact on the tiny island, and the stranded TARDIS crew begins to discover that nothing is quite happening by accident. As history begins its inevitable unfolding, the Doctor is faced with the prospect of a terrible, cosmic destiny, and the end to all his journeys.

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