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The Doctor Who Project's stories are divided up into several categories.  Depending on what type of story you'd like to read, here is some basic information you might like to keep in mind to help you to choose.

If you're interested in stories featuring television Doctor's 1 through 7 you'll want to check out our new collection of original short stories called "Brief Encounters".

Current TDWP stories featuring one of TDWP's Doctors can be found in any of the sections labelled Season 27, Season 28 and so forth.

Stories such as "The Lost Stories", special publications, or stories that don't fit under either of the above categories can be found in the section of the TDWP site known as "Specials". To go to these stories, click on the link in the menu above.

All of TDWP's publications are available to download *free* in PDF format.

Brief Encounters is The Doctor Who Project's on-going series of original short stories featuring television Doctors 1-7, and their associated companions.  Come join us as we go back in time for further adventures of Doctors 1 through 7.  Stories are available individually to download in PDF format for free.

Season Stories... Each TDWP story is published as part of an overall season (e.g. just like the real series). Each season consists of between 6-10 stories on average per season.  TDWP began with Season 27 and continues today publishing a new season of stories annually.  Each successive season is released on a weekly schedule as and when a new season is scheduled for publication. Stories are available individually to download in PDF format for free.

To download your copy of any TDWP publication, please click on its corresponding cover which will launch a new window containing the PDF document.  To download the publication to your PC, click on File, Save As and save the document to your computer.

Get Adobe Acrobat ReaderPlease note, in order to read all TDWP publications you will need the latest version of ADOBE ACROBAT READER installed on your PC. If you don't have ADOBE ACROBAT READER on your PC, please click on the ADOBE icon to download it for free.




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