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Written by: Lynn Clark

The Doctor responds to a call from an old friend, who needs his help in locating a missing member of the royal family of Sparana Prime. It drags him into a struggle between the old regime and a up and rising military coup. In the meantime, Valentina Rossi decides to investigate a UFO sighting that leads her into a very fateful meeting; and Tom Brooker meets the girl of his dreams by spilling coffee all over her!

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Written by: Andrew McCoy

People say silence is golden but what they actually mean is quietness. Remember that old Hollywood cliche; it's quiet, too quiet. Cliches are only cliches because they're true. Total silence is unsettling. It makes you feel uneasy. It feels wrong. That's because in between all the everyday sounds we hear, there exists a nightmare and it's here with us right now. For when the noise stops, the deaths begin.

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Written by: Simon Birks

A long time ago, the Doctor mislaid a prized possession, a keepsake - Issue one of his cherished Crescent Cortex comic collection. He's tried not to think about it until now, but when he finds Tom lost in the TARDIS' myriad of corridors, it unlocks in him a need to find it once more, and he journey's to the last planet he remembered having it. But immediately the Doctor sees the danger; somehow the landscape of this planet has been transformed into the landscape pictured in the comic. When the Doctor succumbs to an unknown illness, it's up to the separated Tom and Valentina to solve the mystery, with the help of some very mysterious characters, including a mute boy, and the Doctor's childhood heroine.

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Written by: Charles Hearthcote & Jodie van de Wetering

The Doctor and his companions, Tom and Val, arrive in France to collect a piece of art that has disappeared from the TARDIS gallery. Once there they discover that France has transformed into a dilapidated, uniform place, all of its beauty lost. Separated, they begin to investigate, discovering that the Clocktowers an ancient Gallifreyan sect has taken over. They are searching for the last time-piece and it is in the hands of a young girl, now they must stop them before they conquer the world and ultimately conquer time.

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Written by: Misha Lauenstein

An old enemy finds her way to Earth, plotting to destroy the Doctor for his past victories. When the Doctor and company arrive in Vancouver Canada on the eve of the 2010 Olympics, they decide to take in an exhibit at the Vancouver Art Gallery - little do they know that their enemy is already waiting.

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Written by: Jez Strickley

When the TARDIS becomes snared on the edge of a dimensional rift, the Doctor is forced to venture into pocket space, a perilous place where many an unwary space farer has lost his mind. But escaping from this outer space quicksand only lands the Doctor, Val and Tom in even more trouble when they find themselves seeking refuge on board an anonymous spaceship with a terrible purpose. Intent on finding out the truth behind the spaceship, the time travelers head for the planet Terra Zentrum, where rumors of temporal terrorists threatening the time lines have turned this quiet little backwater into a fortress of fear. Who exactly is the mysterious Rector? And why are the Time Lords so interested in Terra Zentrum? To discover the truth, the Doctor must risk confronting one of Gallifrey's most unpleasant practices.

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Written by: Daniel Tessier

The Doctor, Valentina and Tom arrive in Singapore, a city that is at once a hotbed of technological development and the product of millennia-old cultures. There they must face threats both technological and mystical, as ancient forces cause havoc for their own ends. While Val faces a being she would never have believed existed, Tom finds himself embroiled in shocking events at the forefront of technology, while the Doctor finds his endurance tested as he fights to save lives.

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Written by: Arnold T. Blumberg

It'ss the end ¦and nothing has been prepared for. A looming darkness stalks the Doctor, heralding doom for his current incarnation and perhaps the entire universe as well. A terrible, ancient force is ready to break through into our reality at last. On Earth, the Make-A-Meti stores are having a banner first year, selling their furry friends to children around the world while an old soldier readies himself for one last battle and searches the stars for a battered blue box. An era is coming to an end, but what follows may be the beginning of a glorious new adventure or an eternal nightmare. Hooray!

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Written by: Duncan Johnson

With the Doctor in a coma following his regeneration, Val and Tom find themselves stranded in sixth century Britain, a time of myths and legend, magic and monsters. The time of Arthur. But there is a dark secret at the heart of Camelot. The Lady of Avalon has given Arthur and his knight's incredible power, but who is she and what does she want in return? An enemy is coming - an enemy that will threaten not just Camelot, but the whole world - and only one man can save us. The Doctor is dead. Long live the Doctor.

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Written by: Duncan Johnson

You can cheat anyone else, harm anyone else, kill anyone else, but family is sacred. The rest of the galaxy may be out to get you, but you can always count on family to hide you and to bankroll you because one day you'll do the same for them.

When a Lodge of Foamasi escapes into the past using a stolen tachyon reactor, it sets off a chain of events that will span three decades and involve four generations of Tom Brooker's family.

In search of the source of the disruption to the space-time, the Doctor and Tom travel to Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in 1969, where Tom's maternal grandfather, Ian Townsend, is caught up in political corruption and becomes the target for a Foamasi assassination attempt.

Meanwhile, the Doctor, in the company of Tom's other grandparents, is helping Ryugin, a Draconian prince fleeing from his power-hungry younger sibling. But can even the Doctor save him from an indestructible cyborg hound programmed for one task and one task only: to kill?

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Written by: Duncan Johnson

Just wait for me. I'll come back for you. I give you my word.

The Doctor returns to 1984 seeking a way to save Ryugin, but he is not the only one looking for the prince. Genroku Urabe, his once-betrothed, needs Ryugin's help if she is to save her people and she will take whatever aid she can get to complete her mission, be it that offered by Val or by the Foamasi. But when Ryugin wakes, the first person to cross his path is Hazel Townsend and it is an encounter that will change her life forever.

Finally, the TARDIS crew reunite on New Year's Eve 1999, just as the Foamasi reactivate the tachyon reactor, unleashing a temporal storm across Newcastle, past, present and future. As the Doctor races to save time and space, Tom's concern is for his family, caught up in a decades-long Draconian family feud. Who is Sara Ferris? What is her secret? And why is she so important to both the Foamasi and the Draconians?

Among the shadows stalks the Okuri, determined to complete the mission at which it failed thirty years earlier. Has time already run out for the Doctor, for Tom and for the city of Newcastle?

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