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Written by: Daniel Tessier

All Val wants is to get back to her friends.  All Tom wants is to find Val. All the Doctor wants is to get his TARDIS functioning so he can get back on his travels.  they don't know it yet, but life on this strange new world is going to be far more difficult, and when it's finished with them, things will never be the same again.

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Written by: Duncan Johnson

Lahore, 1846.

The aftermath of the Battle of Sobraon.  Reluctant to cede power to the new British resident, Maharani Jindan plots her revenge, and she is not above making deals with the devils to achieve her aims.  But one of those  devils has a particular interest in the Doctor and in his traveling companions, and once she has her claws in them, she has no intention of letting go.  The Doctor is about to face the most challenging dilemma - in order to save his friends, is he prepared to kill them?

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Written by: Jez Strickley & Jake Johnson
In the 31st century, energy prospecting has a new territory: comets. Arriving on board a deep-space rig, the Doctor, Val and Tom are soon caught up in a battle for survival as it's crew struggles to make comet-fall on Stromboli's comet in search of a lost rig. But there is more to Stromboli's comet than energy, and uncovering the answers will lead the Doctor to confront an enemy from his distant past...

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