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[9E] No Rest for the Wicked
Written by: Mark Simpson, Bob Furnell & Misha Lauenstein
Landing on a prison asteroid, the Doctor is captured and accused of the murder of a prisoner. Meanwhile, Grae is still free and befriends one of the inmates in an attempt to rescue the Doctor. But before long the Doctor has been found guilty and Grae is fighting for her life. Could an unexpected ally be a help to both of them, or a hindrance to their very futures?

[9F] The Soul Men
Written by: Arnold T. Blumberg
On Pendryx Prime, religion is big business, and the Church of the Nucleonic Divinity is the most powerful corporation on the planet. But now the High President has hit upon an idea to push the Church's profits into the stratosphere, and all it will take is the sacrifice of a minor functionary named Thomas Mekkal. Thomas isn't up for the role of martyr though; lucky for him the Doctor and Grae have shown up to offer him sanctuary. But can even they protect him…or themselves…from the Soul Men? When belief in the One and Only means big bucks and everyone is scrambling for their share in the Glorious Spirit, can Salvation be far behind? Now that the Doctor's arrived, it's just around the corner...

[9G] Bad Feelings
Written by: Jodie van de Wetering
Tamara is alone, separated from the Doctor, Grae and the TARDIS. She is also gainfully employed, an agent of the shadowy organization known as Section Thirteen. On a field assignment to colonial Australia, Tamara battles racism, bad hair, and a malignant alien presence - or is she just letting her imagination run away with her? Tamara finds herself drawn into a web of alien cultures, only to find that human beings are the most alien race of all. Why is the Section so interested in an aeons-old crater in the vast Australian outback? And what does it all have to do with an unusual little girl? And when the situation turns critical, which side is Tamara really fighting for?

[9H] Ouroborus
Written by: Tim Jones
Summoned by an old friend to one of England's leading Universities, the Doctor becomes immersed in the mystery that surrounds a series of unauthorized time-travel experiments. Grae's investigations, however, suggest that the damage may already have been done. For all his life, the Doctor has placed the sanctity of the timelines above all else, but will the rapidly escalating situation force him to take a new perspective?

[9J] Flat Pack
Written by: Graham Bell

Hidden away in the forests of Scandinavia revolution and civil war marks the end of the one-time rulers of the Northern tree spirits. In a last ditch effort to escape persecution the final few Relkishi seek sanctuary in the one place they cannot be followed. Quarter of a world away inside the TARDIS, the Doctor faces one of his greatest challenges to date; flat pack furniture with soul. Felled, sawn, chipped, shipped, and boxed; the once mighty kings of the treetops have become nothing more than fixtures and fittings. Caught between the vengeful North and fractured psyches of the Relkishi can the Doctor and Grae really trust the smooth talking pine with a plan?

[9K] Convergence
Written by: Kyle Bastian & Jackson Rees
They tried to destroy his ship. They tried to destroy his home planet. They tormented him by creating paradoxes; manipulating and destroying time lines and the lives of the people within them. He's lost many friends in the battle against them. Many were wounded; many lives would be forever changed. In their never-ending quest to return to their reality, they would gladly destroy our own without a second thought. It's time to fight back. In order to defeat his mortal enemies, Section 13, the Doctor sets an elaborate scheme in motion just as Tamara signals that she's ready to rejoin the TARDIS crew. But then Bramahl turns up once again.

[9L] Godmaker
Written by: John Gordon
At the centre of a massive gravity phenomenon, the TARDIS lands on a tranquil, forested world, seemingly abandoned by its Au’lan population thousands of years ago. But as the secrets of this Habitat are revealed, the Doctor, Tamara, Taryn and Grae discover the terrible aftermath of a failed experiment, and the malign influence of an unknowable alien force. As the vengeance of the Zhoma is enacted on the Au’lan, will it consume the TARDIS crew in armageddon? And what of the dark power of the Anima?

[9M] And the Clocks Struck Thirteen
Written by: Duncan Johnson
Who are Section Thirteen? The Doctor has crossed their path several times already, but what does he really know about them? They have been manipulating the human race for thousands of years, but what are their ultimate goals? It is time for the truth to be revealed... In another universe, Grae will learn the true destiny of the human race. Stranded in the past, Taryn will learn the startling secret behind the origins of Section Thirteen. And, on present day Earth, Tamara will find herself a pawn in the Section's schemes, a masterplan seven thousand years in the making. With the Doctor excised from existence, is Section Thirteen the last, best hope for the human race?

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