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[9N] The Dawn of Time
Written by: John Gordon
The death of Tamara Scott has plunged the TARDIS crew into grief and discord. Taryn believes that the Doctor and Grae are guilty of using Tamara as a pawn - sacrificing her to their own plans and ambitions, an accusation the Doctor finds uncomfortably difficult to deny. He tries to seek solace in the depths of the TARDIS, and comfort in familiar surroundings and ancient relics of his own past, while Grae looks for tranquility in a solitary walk on an alien world. Left alone with her thoughts in the rooms and corridors she once shared with Tamara, Taryn decides the time has come for her to leave the Doctor and return to her own life. But when the TARDIS strands Grae on a dead world, and then hurls the Doctor into the middle of a war zone, it is Taryn who discovers that even the end is not always what it seems. The TARDIS is invaded, and Taryn becomes a pawn herself in a deadly battle for control of the past and the future. In the company of ghosts and phantoms, the time-travellers discover that an ancient foe is reshaping its destiny, and that a new and terrible dawn is about to break upon the universe...

[9P] The White Death
Written by: Miles Reid
Earth-2057 - A virulent plague known as the White Death has spread across the Earth, killing nearly 100% of it's infected victims. The Doctor knows the cure and Professor Jay Falstead is desperate for a breakthrough in his research. But with Taryn's life on the line, will the Doctor dare change history and give Falstead the cure three years before the cure's discovery? Or will he allow history to keep its course and watch Taryn die?

[9Q] Snakecharmer
Written by: Kyle Bastian & Jodie van de Wetering
Taryn’s gone, Tamara’s dead and Grae’s been having horrifying nightmares. Have recent events finally become too much for the young Time Lord to take; or are dark forces really calling to her from across the space-time vortex?

Grae pilots the TARDIS to the distant planet Calla where she begins behaving very strangely, pushing her relationship with the Doctor to its limits. Has the Doctor been taking their friendship for granted? Just how much does he actually know about his most trusted companion? And just how far will she go in order to find the cure for a mysterious disease?

There is an ancient evil stirring deep within the planet, and Grae finds herself crossing the line into the darkness. Can she keep control when she has the powers of a god at her disposal? And what forces her to realize its time to branch out on her own?

[9R] The Conspirators
Written by: Duncan Johnson
The Doctor arrives in Renaissance Italy to spend some time with his friend, Leonardo da Vinci, but a case of mistaken identity soon means that he is dragged into a conspiracy involving two of Florence's most powerful families. Aided by a young Niccolo Machiavelli, the Doctor must disentangle himself from the plot before his presence changes the course of established history, but when the planned assassination goes ahead, the Doctor will find himself fighting for his very life.

[9S] The Atef Crown
Written by: Lesleigh Force
In search of a challenge, the Doctor returns to Mars and the pyramids where he hopes to uncover clues as to the whereabouts of the enigmatic Osirian race. But he mistimes his visit and finds himself entangled in a human mystery coinciding with Earth's first archeological expedition to the Martian pyramids. Solving the mystery leads the Doctor into the labyrinth of the Osirian/Egyptian Underworld and the untimely weighing of his soul.

[9T] Freedom Fighter
Written by: Jodie van de Wetering (From an original story idea by Arnold T. Blumberg)
The United States of America, standing proudly in the early days of the 21st Century. A nation of peace and freedom. A nation leading the worldwide struggle to recover from a violent and bloody alien invasion. A new President is elected, a statesman full of promises of prosperity and security, the only kind of leader who can bring sense to a shattered world. Danger lurks deep in space, patient and hungry, waiting for a chance to feed. But an even greater threat may lurk in the Whitehouse itself.

[9U] The Orion Express
Written by: Misha Lauenstien
Have you ever dreamed of travelling on the legendary Orion Express? Well now you can! After decades of operating only freight service, Orion Shipping Corp. is once again offering passenger service on the famed Orion Express. Travel the time-honoured route starting on Pluto and then stopping over briefly for passenger pickup at Earth-station. Then it's on to Venus, now open to tourists. Then it's past the sun and on to Mars for another brief stop and then and extended refuelling stop on Saturn's famed Viewing Platform Two before a lightning fast but picturesque three week journey to the heart of the Orion System. Whether you're finding your roots, looking to meet exotic people,or just anxious to get out of the Solar System, take your next vacation on The Orion Express.

[9V] The Caged Angel
Written by: Jackson Rees
We all have monsters to face. Shadows that we bury in the back of our minds. Painful memories that we don't want to resurface. For Silver, her monsters are trapped behind the cellar door. But they're after her, and it won't be long before they break out. She's scared, she doesn't want to feel pain again. Who will help her? The Doctor? No, he went away a long time ago, his face is only a blur now. Someone has to save the day, fight the monsters. But Silver is the only one who can save herself in a desperate struggle for sanity...

[9W] The Shadow Emperor
Written by: Mark Simpson
On the way to Silver's 16th birthday treat, the TARDIS deposits the Doctor and his companion at the British headquarters of the JADE organisation, where the Time Lord meets an old friend…and a new one. Can the Doctor help a displaced Victorian return to his own century and discover how he ended up 150 years out of time in the first place? To answer these questions the Doctor will have to foil the machinations of probably the most powerful human mind he has ever encountered.

[9X] Mist
Written by: Jeff Taylor
An escape of a violent prisoner, an ocean fog and a desperate struggle for survival present themselves to the Doctor and Silver as they take a well earned break in a sleepy Cornish village. As the Doctor begins to get to the bottom of the sudden rash of deaths in the mist shrouded village, Silver begins to delve deeper into her adopted Wiccan religion, and discovers that it is more than she bargained for.

[9Y] The End
Written by: Duncan Johnson
The Doctor and Silver are in New Orleans for Mardi Gras, taking a break from recent adventures, but all is not as it seems. Bodysnatchers raid the cemeteries, wizards work dark magics and predators stalk their prey through the city streets. When the Doctor is targeted, he finds himself in a fight he cannot win, but can Silver, still recovering from a harrowing ordeal, find it in herself to fight at all? The Doctor has finally met his match: himself...

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