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Season 39 [Click on the Covers to download the story in PDF format]
Reverence of the Daleks
Written by: Kevin Mullen
Investigating a transmission from an unexplored star system at the very edge of known space, the Doctor, Val and Tom, discover the Venirex, a primitive warrior tribe who worship their living gods, the peaceful and benevolent Eldak'e.  When Tom is struck down by a mysterious and life-threatening virus, the Doctor is forced into an uneasy alliance to save him. The Doctor discovers who the Eldak'e really are, especially when new visitors arrive whose plans threaten not only the Verinex but the entire galaxy.

Spicksbury Horror
Written by: Jodie van de Wetering
Death has stalked Spicksbury for generations.  The valley's cold mists have swirled in turn around a ring of standing stones, an abbey, and a church and watched each one crumble from good intentions into despair and decay.  Now the dereclict Spicksbury Manor is due to face its own bloody fate - wth the TARDIS crew and a team of young ghost hunters inside.

The Night Parade
Written by: Duncan Johnson
Arriving in twenty-first century Kyoto Japan, the Doctor and Val investigate a photograph of a strangely mutated woman, while Tom explores the city's nightlife.  The Daitengu, a race from legend is making strange alterations to the local population.  Their cruel handiwork is revenge for the kidnapping and torture of one of their number by children twenty years earlier.  The Doctor, Val and Tom must find out why or a power will be unleashed that will corrupt the fabric of reality.

Written by: Krista Wilson
While traveling to the Eye of Orion, the Doctor and his companions encounter a powerful telepathic field that tears the TARDIS from the Time Vortex.  Crash landing on the planet Satrigon in the year 3450, the Doctor discovers that the primitive species he once knew has become an advanced military civilization in just over 200 years.  When the time travellers begin to succumb to the effects of the field, the Doctor, Val and Tom become caught in a race against time to find out what is accelerating the evolutionary rate of the Satrigorns - before worlds are destroyed, and the lines of reality and illusion, are dissolved permanently.

Reflective Dissonance
Written by: Lynn Clark
When the TARDIS crew visit the planet Corian in order to pick up a new part for the malfunctioning time machine, they discover that all mirrors and reflective surfaces have been outlawed.  Can they find out why before it's too late to save Val?

Written by: Richard Michaels, Based on an original storyline by Will Hadcroft
When the Doctor discovers that a slave labour mine is being operated on Magog IV, his outrage drives him to extreme lengths.  His anger leads to capture by the slavers, ensuring Tom, Val and himself are placed at the heart of the vile operation. Deep underground, far from the light of the sun and freedom, the time travelers, alongside the people of Magog IV - farmers, teachers, scientists, families - are put to work mining a radioactive isotope that is slowly killing everyone.  But somehow, prisoners are escaping.  Who is the inside man? Is it the Professor of quantum physics?  The father protecting his family; Or, the dehumanized guard slowly regaining his humanity?  The Doctor is drive to find out and he won't rest until he knows.  But, for Tom and Val, the Time Lord's recklessness is pushing them in a different direction.

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