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[8W] The Children's Crusade.
Written by: Julio Angel Ortiz
The TARDIS is having some problems, again. To this end, the Ship is forced down on the world of Giminae, a mysterious world of glass mountains, a lavender sky-ocean, and flowers that breathe quite visibly. A world where only children exist, in a small town, and a creature known as the Revenant has killed all of the adults. A world that seems to harbour some terrible secrets. What is the Revenant, and why hasn't it harmed any of the children? What secret is locked in the head of a girl, Madeline, who apparently knows how to defeat the Revenant? And just what is in the town Library? The Doctor, Tamara, and Grae have to find out. Fast. Before the Revent comes for them. Or maybe it's too late.

[8X] The Covenant of Lord Bryon's Bones
Written by: Elizabeth Gold
Times have been rough. Grae, seemingly in the spirit of fun, convinces the Doctor and Tamara to attend a Halloween party on Earth, hosted by several old friends. But Grae has something weighing on her mind. What is it about the party that makes her so nervous? How did she meet Allie and the other self-professed 'Witches of the other Salem'? And what is it about the mysterious invitation that has her so spooked? When the Doctor and his companions arrive at the Clever farmhouse in Salem, IL, the mysteries only begin to deepen. The Doctor tries to put together the pieces, convinced that Grae, like the house itself, could be concealing a terrible secret.

[8Y] Lokahi
Written by: Kyle Bastian
A vacation in Hawaii is exactly what the Doctor, Tamara, and Grae need to recover from their adventures. But paradise does not live up to its name. For behind the sapphire beauty of the Pacific tropics awaits terror; behind self-discovery - fear; behind true love - loss and behind tranquility - revolution.

[8Z] Insight
Written by: Julio Angel Ortiz
Tamara is lost. And no one seems to be looking for her. Awakening in a strange garden maze, Tamara has no recollection of who she is and how she got there. Lost in a world of snow and rose pedals, Tamara only has three clues provided by a strange, sad man in white, in the form of cards. But how is that going to help her get out of this strange world? In someplace completely different, Grae is reading books, but she doesn't understand the words or the concepts. But somehow, she knows that she needs to read the books until she finally understands. Nothing else matters until that happens. Nothing. And the Doctor? Well, the Doctor doesn't exist. Right?

[9A] New Born
Written by: Lesleigh Force
With the TARDIS controls highjacked, the Doctor, Tamara and Grae are delivered to an unknown planet showing evidence of a Time Lord's interference. The King of this society is a descendant of the Farosee - a race decimated by the Time Lords in an ancient war. The King's adviser, Gavrin, vehemently hates the Doctor and betrays the Time Lord's identity to the King. To understand Gavrin's hatred of him, the Doctor must confront an ancient wrong committed by the Time Lords, and acknowledge a future failing of his own.

[9B] Split Infinities
Written by: Mark Simpson
On a divided planet, two very different races are vying for supremacy. Both are using the advice of offworld experts. But neither the Mortrexly expert, Doctor Jonathan Smythe, or the Centox advisor, Tamara Scott, can remember how they arrived on the planet. Can both recover their memories in time to prevent a war and help Grae, alone in the vortex with a severely damaged TARDIS?

[9C] Chill
Written by: John Gordon
The human colony on McKinley's world should have been just this side of Eden. Instead, the Doctor, Tamara and Grae discover the colony on the brink of Hell. The colonists are being picked off one by one by rebellious slaves, and the weather control system has turned the lush farmlands into a wasteland of dust burnt by searing winds. A terrible secret lies within the colony's experimental power station - one that threatens to consume the entire universe in an all-embracing chill.

[9D] Gunpowder
Written by: Kyle Bastian & Julio Angel Ortiz
Gunpowder is the street name of the latest drug to hit the streets of America. It offers a high unlike any other but with a 35% chance you won't survive your first dose... Grae and Tamara are on their own in two separate time zones away from each other, away from the Doctor. What is the Doctor's purpose for abandoning his companions and what is the connection to Gunpowder? Who is the mysterious traveler known only as Alice? And with the evil Bramahl lurking in the wings, waiting for an opportunity to strike, has the Doctor finally gotten in over his head?

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