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We've got a surprise for you today!

An all new Fourth Doctor, Brief Encounters adventure - Model/Train by Nick May.

Student Stuart Milner’s hopes of getting some much-needed work done on his train journey home for the holidays are dashed by the arrival of a beautiful, ethereal girl and a wild-eyed stranger in a very long scarf. Soon the girl vanishes, the train is pulled into another dimension and a platoon of robots appears, demanding she is found and turned over to them on pain of death. Stuart and his travelling companion, the Doctor, must unravel a tale of war and corporate espionage if they are to defuse the situation, release the train and stand any chance of getting some revision done…

Featuring the Fourth Doctor as played by Tom Baker, Model/Train, can be downloaded free in PDF format and can be read on your PC, laptop, eReader and tablet.

To download the story, please visit The Doctor Who Project site at www.thedoctorwhoproject.com
28 Jan 2021 by tdwp
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