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The penultimate story of Season 42 is released tomorrow, Saturday, December 12.

Terror In Timberland by Nick Krohn sees The Doctor and Hannah land in Timberland, South Dakota to sample some classic county fair delicacies soon becomes a mystery the Doctor and Hannah are compelled to unravel. The county fairgrounds should be a near riot of activity, but they are nearly deserted. The people they meet are friendly, but standoffish.

While investigating, they encounter Kara, a young woman who has spent the last few days on the run from everyone in the town – including her family. Something or someone has taken control of the entire town, and only good luck and better reflexes has kept Kara out of the clutches of the invaders.

Soon, the Doctor, Hannah and Kara find themselves unraveling a sinister plot laid by an old enemy of the Doctor’s with the fates of the entire town of Timberland in the balance. Their only hope may lie with Mirlon, an invader whose conscience is troubled by her orders.

Terror In Timberlandwill be available to download free on Saturday December 5 in PDF format which can be read on your PC, laptop, eReader and tablet.

To download your copy, just click on the link to the left in the Current Issue section of the main site page, or click on the tab labelled Seasons. Once in the Seasons section, click on the link for Season 42, scroll down, and then click on story cover which will then launch the PDF download.
11 Dec 2020 by tdwp
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