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Sad news we’re afraid but we’ve had to make a few changes to the lineup for season 38. Unfortunately we’ve lost Daniel Tessier’s “Timebase” due to the authors current schedule at his day job. Real life has a way of invading such fannish pursuits, and sadly Daniel’s current work load at his day job was prohibiting him the time to properly work on his story. The author didn’t want to deliver a substandard story so both Daniel and TDWP decided that it would be for the best to pull the story for the time being, and to allow the author time to finish the story in a more leisurely manner. While the season may have lost the story, TDWP hasn’t lost it completely as it will be published at a later date as a one off story. As a result of loosing “Timebase” we’ve decided to jiggle the lineup for the season which will now run as follows…

•Story 1 – The Mask of Anhur by Robert Mammone
•Story 2 – The Vault by Miles Reid-Lobotto
•Story 3 – Second Life by Kyle Bastian
•Story 4 – Spontaneous Combustion by Jez Strickley
•Story 5 – Red Shift by John Swogger
•Story 6 – Blue Shift by John Swogger
•2012 Christmas Special – The Snow Maiden by Matthew James

Season 38 debuts Saturday October 6th.
23 Sep 2012 by tdwp
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