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[G1] The TDWP Programme Guide 1999-2008
TDWP Programme Guide
Written by: Bob Furnell

Programme guide to all of the TDWP stories published between 1999-2008. Includes full story synopsis; writer, editor, producer credits; cast lists and more.

**This guide is currently not available**

[G2] The Doctor Who Project Series Bible
Series Bible
Compiled by: Bob Furnell

Do you remember which story the Doctor encountered the Clocktower, or when he first defeated the Therianthropes?  Which companion made their debut in a solo adventures pre-season?  How many pairs of sunglasses did the Eighth Doctor collect over the course of his travels?  What time-travelling cult, known as "The Thirteen", did the Doctor battle against numerous times?  No idea? Well, here's your chance to discover the answer to these questions and more in this exclusive publication detailing 12 years of original Doctor Who fiction published by The Doctor Who Project.

  **This guide is no longer available**

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