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Season 42 comes to a surprising finale as the concluding story, Infection Vector by Richard Hoover debuts today.

For over a thousand years the Pama race has been indebted to a Time Lord who chose to help them. A Time Lord who stepped away from Gallifreyan society and was shunned in return. Young Londragulthardan started on her path to cure a virulent virus among the Pama people. But that idealistic endeavor has metamorphosed into tampering with every aspect of Pama society.

Now the Doctor and Hannah have arrived. Even the Doctor, no stranger to meddling of his own, is stunned by the lengths that Londra has gone too. When she entreats him to help finally find a cure for the dread disease will he agree or let nature and history take its course? And how can the Doctor make such a choice when Hannah’s life hangs in the balance? For she too has contracted the Penumbra virus. A virus that leads inexorably… to death!

Infection Vector is now available to download free in PDF format which can be read on your PC, laptop, eReader and tablet.

To download your copy, just click on the link to the left in the Current Issue section of the main site page, or click on the tab labelled Seasons. Once in the Seasons section, click on the link for Season 42, scroll down, and then click on story cover which will then launch the PDF download.
19 Dec 2020 by tdwp
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