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THE DOCTOR WHO PROJECT SEASON 42 continues this week with the December 5th release of the season’s fourth story – Lonely Are The Stars by Miles Reid-Lobatto.

The Boundless has ventured to the outer reaches of the solar system to test an experimental space-fold star-drive. But all is not well aboard ship. As the Boundless nears Pluto, her crew are becoming increasingly prone to outbursts of violence and madness. The captain, Julia Cornelius, questions her motives for signing on and wonders if she will make it home to her family. The financier, Buskirk deVan, harbours a secret about their purpose and his achievements. And now a landing party has been gruesomely murdered on the surface of Pluto.

The Doctor and Hannah, here to observe a milestone in the history of space exploration, quickly turn desperate when the TARDIS is plucked from the surface by an apparently deliberate intelligence.

Captain Cornelius turns to the Doctor and Hannah for answers. While Hannah plays a deadly game of cat and mouse with the increasingly desperate crew of the Boundless, the Doctor journeys into Pluto’s icy depths, where a strange idyll has been carved out of pure willpower. In this paradise, he finds a being of limitless power who has endured the death of his race in the hope of visiting Earth. The Doctor is certain that if he does, the entire planet will be consumed by the same lunacy now gripping the explorers. But fighting the will of an angry god may cost even the Doctor his sanity.

Lonely Are The Stars will be available to download free on Saturday December 5 in PDF format which can be read on your PC, laptop, eReader and tablet.

To download your copy, just click on the link to the left in the Current Issue section of the main site page, or click on the tab labelled Seasons. Once in the Seasons section, click on the link for Season 42, scroll down, and then click on story cover which will then launch the PDF download.
04 Dec 2020 by tdwp
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