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The third story of Season 42 is out November 28, 2020.

Written by Matthew James and Hamish Crawford, Diversify or Die sees the TARDIS land on 21st Century Earth.

Ted Kenworthy knew he was destined for greatness. Named one of “Britain’s Brightest Teenagers” by the Sheffield Independent, he is now married to Sandra, the love of his life. The only trouble is he can’t get ahead at his factory job, his cutting-edge research is wasted, and he has a feeling that Sandra is drifting away.

Then Ted meets Sam R.T. McNess, a wealthy American executive. McNess sets him up in his own facility, and gives him all the time and resources he needs to carry out his work. Ted’s success won’t just benefit him—his ingenuity might bring an end to warfare! All that, and a baby on the way!

Everything is going so well for Ted. So why is he so full of anger and anxiety? Why does he worry about McNess and his American yes-men? And why, on the day he demonstrates his major breakthrough, have two strangers—the Doctor and Hannah Redfoot—arrived?

Diversify or Die is available free to download in PDF format which can be read on your PC, laptop, eReader and tablet.

To download your copy, visit The Doctor Who Project website.  On the main page, click on the link to the left in the Current Issue section of the main site page, or alternatively click on the tab labelled Seasons. Once in the Seasons section, click on the link for Season 42, scroll down, and then click on story cover which will then launch the PDF download.
26 Nov 2020 by tdwp
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