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SEASON 42 continues November 21 with the release of the second story of the season...

by Matt Tovey

The Doctor and Hannah arrive by accident in the city of Hamelyn, 1184, and are swiftly arrested for offences unknown. Hannah escapes, but the Doctor is hauled before the irascible Gerhard Vaisey, Lord Mayor of Hamelyn, and the death sentence is quickly handed down.

Hannah, meanwhile, enlists the dubious help of Yjen and her gang of adolescent pickpockets, who promise to help her rescue the Doctor...until, that is, she tells them his name. The cave in the mountains has warned them about the Doctor, his crimes beyond counting, his cruelty beyond compare...

There are strange events unfolding in Hamelyn. Rats infest the streets and buildings, leaving the sewers and invisible spots untouched. Children are missing. The smell of citrus fruit hangs heavy in the air, though no such fruit is grown nearby. To top it all off, someone else has arrived in Hamelyn - a strange man, a piper in colourful clothes, who has sworn to rid the city of its rats...for a price.

The Doctor knows exactly where he is, and knows also that he is powerless to prevent the horrors to come. Can he and Hannah escape Hamelyn before they unfold? Or will they be there to watch, as one of the foulest legends of all time is born?

The Piper will be available to download free in PDF format on Saturday November 21.  Each TDWP story can be read on PC, laptop, eReader and tablet.
18 Nov 2020 by tdwp
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