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It's finally here. A brand new season of Tenth Doctor and Hannah Redfoot adventures!

Season 42 begins right now.

The season begins with the Season Premiere - I.R.L. by Hamish Crawford which sees the The Doctor is happily retired. He always knew he would retire, and he is fairly sure that he’s happy, living in a semi-detached in suburban England. However, the only problem is that the Doctor feels miserable. He is plagued with doubts, depression and ennui. He spends too much time watching TV. He feels the neighbours are judging him. He only has his therapy sessions and a visit from his grandchildren to look forward to. Then, a series of grisly murders rock the neighbourhood. The eccentric tokens left at the scene—a recorder, a question-mark umbrella, a stick of celery, and a pair of sunglasses—jog the Doctor’s memory. Something happened on the Doctor’s last adventure. Something that reaches right back to his childhood. Something that makes him think the adventure isn’t over at all.

I.R.L. is available to download and read free in PDF format which can be read on your PC, laptop, eReader or tablet.
14 Nov 2020 by tdwp
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