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Work continues apace on Season 42.

The editorial board has received first drafts of five of the six season stories which are currently being edited.  Once the first drafts have been edited, the stories will be returned back to the writers to make any requested revisions and changes.  The editorial board will then receive second drafts where we'll begin the process all over again.

The current Season 42 lineup in story order includes:

Story 1: I.R.L. by Hamish Crawford
The Doctor has finally retired--only to find himself gripped with depression and the fallout from a divorce. Investigating some peculiar murders in the town, the Doctor must reconcile his present life with memories from long ago.

Story 2: The Piper by Matt Tovey
Some legends are only that - legends. Others are not. The Doctor misses Bremen by a few miles and a hundred years, and lands in a city he doesn't know...there's horror waiting in Hamelyn, and the Doctor is powerless to interfere. History must take it's course...

Story 3: Diversify or Die by Matthew James
The TARDIS is dragged off course and lands in rural England in 1980. The Doctor and Hannah find a secret workshop where a new type of plastic is being developed. But for what purpose. It turns out there is unfinished business for the Doctor.

Story 4: The Legends of the Kraal by Nick Krohn 
Timberland is a small community off Route 70 in southern Montana. It’s primary employer is the Fleetwater Mining company, which is now the world’s third largest supplier of rhodium. When the Doctor and Hannah arrive, the town should be abuzz with activity as the county fair starts tomorrow. Instead, the townsfolk seem unconcerned.  Hannah meets a local high school student who says much of the cities population are acting strange and there have been strange events happening all over the town.  The Doctor and Hannah get to the core of the mystery.

Story 5: Tempests Howl by Alex Aldred

Story 6: Infection Vector by Richard Hoover
The Doctor and Hannah travel to a world ravaged by disease for generations, but when Hannah contracts the illness can even the Doctor save her?

Season 42 is scheduled for a late fall debut and will be followed by two further seasons of adventures in 2021 & 2022.
27 Aug 2020 by tdwp
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