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The Doctor Who Project Season 30 Omnibus

Join the Doctor and Tamara Scott in an all new season of adventures in time and space as they travel: to Earth’s past visiting the tombs of Tutankhamen where they meet archeologist Howard Carter; to present day Paris and London where they must foil a plot to kill their own friend the Brigadier; to the future arriving in 22nd century India 2158 where they once again encounter the Doctor’s best enemy. Their travels take them to the planets Nadir, where they meet Dr. Chantilly Blessed who is desperately seeking a cure to the disease that kills her husband, and to Thera, where they encounter the war criminal Micaro. They team up once again with Time Lady Grae when the Doctor must return to his home planet of Gallifrey when the planet is in turmoil at the behest of the evil cult The Thirteen and their agent Brahaml.

The Season 30 Omnibus features eight adventures from the pens of Tim Jones, Misha Lauenstein, Jodie van de Wetering, Bob Furnell, John-Gordon Swogger, Elizabeth Gold and Kyle Bastian.

The season was the recipient of two 2003 MediaWest FANQ Awards – Best Doctor Who Story (General) for “Tears of Rassilon” by Kyle Bastian and, Best Doctor Who Fanzine (General).

410 pages | 6x9"' size | Cover by Rob Carpenter​

To order your copy visit the Jigsaw Publications Store
04 May 2020 by tdwp
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