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Merry Christmas to all of our readers...

...and to celebrate the season, The Doctor Who Project is pleased to make available not one, but two (!) Christmas Specials for your reading enjoyment.

Come celebrate the season with...

by James Kyle

The TARDIS travels through time, but time passes within the TARDIS. And in the control room, when three hundred- and sixty-five-days pass, a Christmas tree appears out of nowhere – a reminder of the Yuletide.

A lot can happen in a year. Companions come and go, as do Doctors. Christmases can be as pleasant as they can be awful, as meaningful as they can be worthless.

Four Doctors.

Nine companions.

One celebration.

by R. Morgan Crihfield

It’s a white Christmas in rural Colorado and an old enemy of humanity stirs deep in the freezing forest. A young traveler’s car breaks down at the worst possible time and she seek help and shelter from the winter storm in an old cabin on the hill, where a terrible secret awaits.

An old blue Police Box arrives with the Doctor and Peri just in time to investigate a cry for help before tragedy strikes. The Doctor may be too late to save his friend but something stalks his steps in the forest at night and the clock is ticking. A familiar foe has designs against humanity, can the Doctor intervene before its too late or will this be the last Christmas?

Last Christmas can be downloaded from the Brief Encounters section of your website.

Both Christmas Specials are free to download in PDF format which can be read on your PC, tablet or e-Reader featuring covers by TDWPs Robert Carpenter.

Enjoy, and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us at The Doctor Who Project.
21 Dec 2019 by tdwp
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