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Our latest Brief Encounters adventure Can You Believe It? by Michael Baxter has now been released and available to download free in PDF format.

Hastings Ascham, a Gothic house in the little Yorkshire town of Matching, is forbidding from the outside, with its gaunt, ivy-covered facade and malevolent-looking gargoyles that seem to regard the few visitors with brooding ill-intent.

Inside this cursed residence, the heavy atmosphere is almost a tangible presence, and is a constant reminder of a haunting, decades-old mystery. Five people have vanished without trace while within these walls, yet the determined Jemima Flinch continues to live there.

The Doctor and his new fellow-traveller, Edmund Leigh, accompanied by the Reverend Guy Ridley, rector of Matching, investigate and discover the horrifying truth about the so-called ‘Devil Patient’.

How can they prevent an evil, twisted entity, born of rejection and consumed with spite, from drawing further victims into its bleak world of imprisoned souls?

Can You Believe It? is available in PDF format which can be read on PCs, tablets and most e-Readers.
14 Dec 2019 by tdwp
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