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JUN 16/19: COMING JULY 2019


You are cordially invited to the estate of Dr. Winston Hu on Friday, the Eighth day of January Twenty Hundred and Forty-Nine.

Life’s about to change for the Doctor when he receives an invitation from the mysterious Dr. Hu to attend what turns out to be a strange garden party. While mingling with the guests, he meets former MI-6 agent, Tamara Scott. The two hit it off, and they decide to investigate this unusual party and its mysterious benefactor. This is just the beginning of a new series of adventures for the Doctor and Tamara as they travel across time and space.

Join our travellers as they visit Haiti in 1965—a land where voodoo and Christianity vie for human souls—encountering alien technology lurking in the torch-lit subterranean temples of long-forgotten Voodoo Gods.

Then, when the TARDIS lands them in modern-day Ontario, Canada, the Doctor and Tamara come across a high-security hospital performing mysterious experiments with alien fungi, residential rooms lit with moonlight by day, and patients passing through walls like ghosts.

When visiting a human colony planet where magic is just part of everyday life, something stirs beneath the ground. The Doctor and Tamara discover that one of the most feared races in the cosmos isn't quite as beaten as everyone thought.

The Season 28 Omnibus features six exciting adventures from writers: Misha Lauenstein, Jodie van de Wetering, Rebecca Dowgeirt, Matt Grady, Tim Jones, and James Margitch.
16 Jun 2019 by tdwp
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