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The Doctor Who Project presents a brand new Brief Encounter debuting this Saturday featuring the Fourth Doctor and Leela...

The Last Viking
by R. Morgan Crihfield

 photo The Last Viking Cover 300 - Rob Carpenter - Large_zpsectlzamx.jpg

On a cliff deep in the age of Vikings stands the Methuselah. This ancient sage is ready for his final rebirth.
With a knowledge rivalling that of the Gods, he has been alive for eons. Now, his work nears its end.

Across time and space, the beacons lie hidden—keys to the unimaginable power locked inside an ancient artifact. Power enough to destroy the universe itself.

Aprophecy passed from generation to generation nears fulfillment.
They are coming. The fearsome Huntress and a demon known only as Dok Tor.

And then, the artifact wakes…

The Last Viking will be available to download free in PDF format from The Doctor Who Project site.

Debuting Saturday January 5 2019
01 Jan 2019 by tdwp
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