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Yes folks, there really is a Santa Claus!

While the current television series has chosen to forego a Christmas Special this year, all of us here at The Doctor Who Project (TDWP) are excited and thrilled as we’ve asked Santa to give all of you a little present from all of us here at TDWP.

On December 22nd TDWP will be releasing the TDWP 2018 Christmas Special: The Hope of Midwinter’s Eve by Nick Krohn as a special treat for all of all loyal fans and readers.

In the far future, as human settlements across the galaxy prepare to celebrate an ancient holiday, the Confederation of Worlds faces a crisis. One planet of the Confederation has irreparably destroyed its ecosystem, and has been forced to flee their home in a fleet of refitted spacecraft.

Their destination is a planet within their confederation's borders, its atmosphere a roiling storm of methane and carbon dioxide. On the surface, in a bunker specially built for the purpose, Eileen Hastings, a great scientist, prepares to sacrifice her life in the process of transforming the atmosphere, creating a safe and welcoming planet for her people.

When the Doctor and Hannah discover what she plans to do, the Doctor rushes to stop her, but she is determined to do whatever is necessary to preserve her people's culture and heritage.

As a final Midwinter's gift, the Doctor takes Hastings ten years into her future, so at least she can see the fruits of her labours. Unfortunately, something went wrong that fateful Midwinter's Eve, and her sacrifice accomplished nothing but allow the slaughter of billions. Now, the race is on to discover the cause of her failure, and somehow stop the senseless civil war brewing in the Nine Worlds Confederation.

This Midwinter, Eileen Hastings is the only hope of her people. Her only hope is the Doctor.

The Hope of Midwinter’s Eve will be available to download in PDF format free from The Doctor Who Project website on December 22 2018.

30 Nov 2018 by tdwp
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