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The Doctor Who Project Season 40 Omnibus Volumes One and Two will be published, and available to order, on Wednesday October 17th 2018.


Changes are afoot in the TARDIS as The Doctor Who Project present the final two adventures featuring companions Tom Brooker and Val Rossi.

In Ghost Ship, a distress call, leads the Doctor, Tom and Val to a ship where only a handful of people remain. Ghostly shapes prowl the corridors picking off the survivors one by one. The Doctor discovers the crew did not send the distress call and they suspect him of being responsible for the disappearances. Then the TARDIS is taken. The Doctor is forced into desperate measures to track down the alien force behind the ghostly apparitions, find out who sent the distress call and explain the fact that although five people are supposed to be aboard, six life signs are registering.

In Cybercult, returning home to find their old friend, John Grantham missing, Tom and Val’s only trace leads to The Church of the New Future, a modern-day pseudo-religion that focuses on purging mankind of its destructive impulses for a perfect future, and is finding great popularity in the disaffected youth of the world. In an attempt to get to the bottom of everything, the Doctor discovers that an old enemy of his has returned. The Cybermen are back, and this time, they’ve brought religion. As the situation becomes desperate, Tom and Val themselves will make the greatest sacrifice of all in order to save the human race.

Available in 6×9 Trade Paperback / 184 pages

* * * * * * * *


The Doctor keeps landing in Wyoming.

A secret buried in the rock beneath Devils Tower has started to awaken — a secret that takes the Doctor right back to where everything started. In the company of old friends and new foes, he joins forces with a young native American geologist to fight an ancient evil now being given a terrifying new lease of life. As tectonic forces start to tear apart the frozen hills, releasing creatures from the primordial past, the Doctor and his new companion journey to the furthest reaches of human history. There they must confront the Doctor’s greatest enemy in a terrible and final reckoning.

Could this finally be the very end for the Doctor?

This collection contains both parts one and two of The Final Reckoning reprinted together in one single volume.

Available in 6×9 Trade Paperback / 314 pages

* * * * * * * *

Both volumes can be ordered here
16 Oct 2018 by tdwp
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