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We're really excited to announce the first of several new forthcoming TDWP projects.....

The Season 41 Omnibus

All 7 stories will be available in print over two volumes.

Season 41 Omnibus: Volume One

The Doctor, and current travelling companion Hannah Redfoot, continue their adventures across time and space in this brand-new collection of adventures.

In The Night Before Christmas

In the two-part story Throne of Peladon and Secret of Peladon, King Pelleas is on his deathbed and Peladon prepares for a new king. When the heir’s brother insists the throne is his for the taking, Doctor and Hannah become caught up in a web of mysteries that could rip both Peladon and the Federation apart at the seams.

In Palimpsest, the Doctor and Hannah visit Mr. Oldfield, a retired Time Lord. When Hannah discovers Oldfield's wife Collette is tormented by visions of a violent man who somehow is and is not her husband, a nightmarish apparition roams the house after dark, and a strange woman stalks their every step. The Doctor must explore his friend's memories to uncover the truth.

In The Web of Insanity, arriving at a geological conference for the Eight Galaxies, the Doctor and Hannah become embroiled in frustrations between the Mercury Mining Company — an unwelcome arrival on the planet Pearl — and the indigenous people. Here, the Doctor discovers he must face an old enemy, and the last time he faced the Eight Legs, it cost him his life.

Volume one contains the stories: The Night Before Christmas, The Throne of Peladon, The Secret of Peladon, Palimpsest and The Web of Insanity.

Season 41 Omnibus: Volume Two

The Doctor, and current travelling companion Hannah Redfoot, continue their adventures across time and space in this brand-new collection of adventures.

In Dolce Musical Della Morte, a boy stays young while all the people around him age prematurely. A monster hunts the streets at night —hunting for what? There is a force capable of destroying all life on Earth — why won’t the Doctor stop it? Only Hannah can save the day —then the monster gets her.

In Rights and Responsibilities, the Doctor is gone. Stranded on the Doctor's homeworld, Hannah has to escape the Time Lords as well the band of insurgents. She must convince one man — the Admin — to change time in order to set the universe right and save the Doctor from a living death.

In Moondust, when the Doctor and Hannah arrive on Lunar Colony L8 tensions between the human and robotic populations are explosive. Blamed for the murder of a robot citizen and on the run from the authorities, they uncover a vast conspiracy that could topple the colony's government. Once he is taken into custody the Doctor must use the public broadcast of his trial to uncover the true culprit before it turns into a public broadcast of his execution.

Volume two contains the stories: Dolce Musica Della Morte, Rights and Responsibilities and Moondust.

Both volumes will be released in the coming weeks and will be available for a limited time period.

25 Jul 2018 by tdwp
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