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The Doctor Who Project is excited to release our first Brief Encounters story of 2018 - The Three Mariners by Michael Baxter.

In this brand new story featuring the First Doctor, curiosity draws the Doctor into an antique emporium known as The Three Mariners. Edwin Chitty, the elderly owner, tells of a spectre that haunts the property, said to be the manifestation of a noblewoman who was drowned centuries earlier. The two old men undertake an overnight vigil in the shop and witness the vision of a hauntingly beautiful woman. A strange, jewelled artefact amongst the shop’s merchandise is the key to her true identity, and an indication of the power that might be unleashed against mankind…

The Three Mariners is available to download free in PDF format, which can be read on most e-Readers and PCs.
03 Feb 2018 by tdwp
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