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TDWP is pleased to make available for download the penultimate Season 41 story Rites and Responsibilities by Richard Hoover.

Civilizations rise and fall on the experiences that make them. So too do people. Change the past and a civilization may not rise. Change the past and a man’s destiny may not be fulfilled.

On a space station drifting among the remains of a dead planet, the Doctor and Hannah confront an alien scientist bent on destroying a race before it can even evolve. As events spiral out of control, Hannah finds herself whisked away to the world of the Time Lords. But not the world the Doctor knew.

Pursued by the Time Lords and avoiding a band of insurgents, Hannah’s only hope of returning to where she came from lies with a man who has no reason to aid her. Now Hannah must convince the Admin to change time in order to set the universe right and save the Doctor from a fate of walking death.

Rites and Responsibilities is available to download free in PDF format which can be read on PCs, e-Readers and tablets.
28 Oct 2017 by tdwp
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