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Season 41 continues with the sixth story of the season - Dolce Musica Della Morte by returning writer, Matthew James.

Europe, circa 1700, a beautiful treble voice sings a sad song. His voice is heavenly, like nothing heard by anyone before. People flock to hear him, thinking his voice is sure to break and not wanting to miss out before it does. But the boy never ages. The Doctor and Hannah arrive just as the singer's fame is spreading. They go to a recital but after hearing the alien music the Doctor realises the boy is not human.

In the meantime, people are reporting a creature prowling the streets at night.
Hannah sees it herself. Sightings follow the singer from city to city. For a while it seems to us that the boy and the creature may be one and the same, but in fact the creature is an Islogrib and hunting him for its own purposes.

The Doctor must stop the Islogrib and the parasite. But even he finds it impossible to fight the parasite's hypnotic control. Hannah is beneath the parasite’s radar, she can see it for what it is. Somehow she must find a way to destroy both creatures and free the Doctor.

Dolce Musica Della Morte is available to download free in PDF format which can be read on PCs, e-Readers and tablets.
21 Oct 2017 by tdwp
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