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Season 41 continues today with the release of The Secret of Peladon by James P. Quick.


“I know just the place! Peladon!”

It was just supposed to be a return to some old stomping grounds for the Doctor, and a trip to wow Hannah (anything to avoid another trip to the Middle Ages). But what the TARDIS crew found was a dying monarch, a myriad amount of alien dignitaries, and two fighting twins. Reconnecting with his old friend Alpha Centauri, the Doctor intended to weather out the funeral and then beat a hasty retreat. Of course, nothing’s ever that simple with the Doctor.

Case in point, Thalaan, the younger twin, stormed the feast held in his father’s honor with a forged birth certificate stating he was the older twin, thereby usurping his brother Pelenat’s position as heir. With his twin now in league with the Ice Warriors, Pelenat was thrown into the dungeons. Upstairs, the Doctor, Hannah, Earth Ambassador Clivix, and Liasici Ambassador Jadescales have been confined to their rooms.

Due to a lying spy, Thalaan had the TARDIS thrown down the mountain, to the Doctor’s fury. In his bid to rip Thalaan a new one, he got himself, Hannah, Alpha Centauri, and Guard Captain Lorvis (Pelenat’s secret lover) exiled to the town at the bottom of the mountain, Pelnar-over-Essel. Once there, they were taken in by Lorvis’s family.

To prevent further meddling, H’skrr, the adjutant to the Ice Warrior ambassador, sent an assassin down to kill the Doctor, Hannah, and Alpha. But the assassin was murdered by a strange robot, whose attack caused the unfinished building the group was hiding in to collapse, apparently killing the Doctor and Alpha. Hannah, meanwhile, was carried off by the robot…

The Secret of Peladon is available to download free from the Doctor Who Project website in PDF format which can be read on your PC, e-Reader and/or tablet.
30 Sep 2017 by tdwp
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