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The seconds are counting down.

The moment has been prepared for.

The time is upon us...

... as a new season of adventures for the Tenth Doctor and Hannah begin today.

Season 41 starts now!

It's September 23, 2017 and we have the first of seven new adventures, with the debut of The Throne of Peladon by James P. Quick. The Doctor and Hannah arrive on Peladon in the year 4100. King Pelleas is on death's door, the throne is nearly vacant, and Prince Pelenat, the King's rightful successor, is trying to prepare himself for the enormity of his imminent new position. However, his twin, Prince Thalaan, has recently taken a belligerent turn. He insists that the throne is his and is more than willing to fight dirty for it. As Thalaan incites a coup, attending dignitaries from the Galactic Federation begin to take sides. The Doctor and Hannah are soon caught in a mess that could rip both Peladon and the Federation apart at the seams.

The Throne of Peladon is available to download free from the Doctor Who Project website in PDF format which can be read on your PC, e-Reader and/or tablet.

23 Sep 2017 by tdwp
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