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The Doctor Who Project will feature a guest reappearance by everyone’s favorite hermaphrodite hexapod, Alpha Centauri, in the upcoming Peladon two-parter.

“Well, you can’t visit Peladon without Alpha Centauri showing up, can you!” said writer James P. Quick. “It was such a joy to write them into the story; the amount of natural humor that can be drawn from the character is a great boon.”

The character first appeared in the 1972 story The Curse of Peladon alongside the Third Doctor (Jon Pertwee) and Jo Grant (Katy Manning). Writer Brian Hayles portrayed the character as a neurotic worrywart, frequently worried that the Peladon conference would have to be cancelled.

The last time Alpha Centauri was seen relative to the TDWP continuity was in the Season 11 story The Monster of Peladon (1974). On that occasion, they appeared opposite the Third Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen).

The Tenth Doctor (Laurent Meyer) refers to several other encounters since Monster in the story, including one involving the Eighth Doctor (Jeremy Banks-Walker) and the infamous-but-never-seen Terrible Zodin.

In the two-part story, the hexapod is portrayed as being in their twilight years. Their presence on Peladon is as a special ambassador from the Federation, being brought out of retirement specifically for the occasion.

“They’re perhaps a bit more ornery than they were on television. A bit more tired and of the opinion, ‘I’m old! I don’t have to take this!’” Quick said. “But I tried not to make them stray too far from their basic core.”

The Throne of Peladon kicks off Season 41 on September 23, and The Secret of Peladon follows the next week on September 30.
17 Sep 2017 by tdwp
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