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In addition to all new season of adventures for the Tenth Doctor and Hannah beginning September 23rd, The Doctor Who Project has several other projects lined up for the rest of 2017 and well into 2018.

Coming in November will be an all new Brief Encounters story, If At First You Don’t Succeed, featuring the Fifth Doctor and companion Peri. This new BE is written by David Wallington (A Winter’s Tale).

Also scheduled for November release will be The Write Stuf, a special publication interviewing all of The Doctor Who Projects Editors and Assistant Editors covering the period from 1999 to 2017. Interviewed will be former editors Misha Lauenstein, Kyle Bastian, Tim Jones, Karen Goldenbaum, Terry Baker, Samantha Warner, Jez Strickley, and current editors Ben Pocock, Jeremy Remy and Richard Peevers. Also featured will be an interview with the TDWP’s original Art Editor John Swogger and an in-depth interview with Range Editor and Project Creator, Bob Furnell. The Write Stuff will be available free to TDWP readers in PDF format. A special limited-run print version will also be available.

The Editorial Board is currently looking at the feasibility of bring back a print version of the old Season Omnibus format for Season 41 – this would be the first omnibus published since the Season 32 Omnibus in 2007. The omnibus would bring together all the stories from the current season in one single volume. If you’d like to see the publication of a Season 41 Omnibus, please let the editors know your interest by sending a quick email to the main editorial address.

Don’t forget that copies are still available of the TDWP Christmas Omnibus and Blossom Core: The Comic.

The TDWP Christmas Omnibus brings together all seven Christmas Specials from 2007's "A Christmas Story" right up to 2016’s "The Night Before Christmas". Blossom Core: The Comic features the comic adaptation of the Season 29 story by Kyle Bastian, with artwork by Dan McDaid and Jon-Wesley Huff. Pick up a copy of one, or both, of these special publications before they go out of print. Details www.lulu.com/spotlight/bobf60.

And finally, TDWP is still looking for volunteers who would be interested in reviewing one of our various stories as part of the TDWP Read and Review Project. All that’s required is read a story, write a review of said story, and submit it to us. For more information, please visit the TDWP blog by clicking www,thedoctorwhoproject.wordpress.com/tdwp-read-review-project.
18 Aug 2017 by tdwp
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