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With the forthcoming season of new stories plus the on-going series of past Doctor adventures, The Doctor Who Project Editorial Board has seen an increase in its workload. After some discussion and review, it was decided to make a few changes to the existing board. As a result, we've created two new positions and reshuffled a few of our in-house personnel.

Effective May 12th, the Editorial Board will now consist of the following individuals:

Range Editor: Bob Furnell

Bob Furnell will continue to oversee The Doctor Who Project in general. Bob has overseen The Doctor Who Project since 1999 and was one of the projects main creators. Bob is the creator of companion Tamara Scott and the time-travelling cult, Section 13. To date, he's written six stories for the project including "Death of a Brigadier" and "Questions" with Jez Strickley.

Editor: Jeremy Remy

Jeremy Remy who took over as Editor in March 2016. Jeremy may be familiar to you as the author "Breathe" the second Doctor story featured in Pencil Tip Publishing's short fiction collection, The Temporal Logbook. Jeremy will be assisting with editing of the TDWP stories as well as being involved in the day to day running of TDWP.

Assistant Editor: Ben Pocock

When Jeremy assumed the Editor's post, this left the Assistant Editor's position vacant. After a brief search for a new Assistant Editor, we are pleased to announce the appointment of Ben Pocock who'll be assisting Jeremy in the day-to-day running of the TDWP Tenth Doctor and Hannah range of stories.

Ben brings a fresh new outlook to the project and has been a life-long Doctor Who fan. He spent his adolescence during the wilderness years of Doctor Who in the company of the Virgin adventures and Target novelizations - a relationship that has shaped his passion for literature to this day. He was the author behind The Telemacad, an adventure for the Third Doctor published as part of 2015s Temporal Logbook Anthology, among numerous other pieces including "Doctor Who and the Ghost Pirates", "The Holly Terror", and "Asylum", all of which have been produced by an amateur dramatics group, and countless short stories and scripts. He is currently working on his first novel due for publication later this year, a process that has filled him with a profoundly high regard for those who do so for a living!

When asked about joining TDWP, Ben replied, "It was one of my proudest moments to have been part of the Temporal Logbook, and to now be part of the team that produced it is a real thrill. In my experience, Doctor Who fans tend to be a creative bunch, but to be part of a team that has had such an impact on the world of fandom, producing a vast canon of professional quality stories over so many years, really is an honour. I'm very much looking forward to being part of the team, and I hope to do justice to the legacy of the range so far!"

Brief Encounters Editor: Kyle Bastian

Over the last two years we've seen a slight increase in the number of past Doctor stories published as part of the TDWP Brief Encounters range. The board felt that in order to better handle the running and overall editing of the range, that it would be advantageous to appoint a separate individual to oversee the range. As a result, after an absence of The Doctor Who Project is pleased to announce that Kyle Bastian is returning to the project to assume the role of the Brief Encounters Editor.

Kyle will be responsible for the editing and commissioning of stories for the range, as well as overseeing the day-to-day activities. Many of you who are long time fans of TDWP will be familiar with Kyle's name as he is the author of numerous TDWP adventures including the award-winning "Blossom Core". Kyle also served on the editorial board in various capacities from 2001-2006 and is the creator of popular 8th Doctor era companion, Grae.

When asked about his return to TDWP and Kyle commented, "I'm happy to be back at home at TDWP! and I'm looking forward to bringing our readers exciting new stories featuring the original seven Doctors."

Series Consultant: Jez Strickley

Jez has been involved with The Doctor Who Project since 2007 when he became a story reviewer. Since then, he has served as an assistant editor, editor and contributor penning several stories including "Spontaneous Combustion, Stromboli's Comet" and "Temporal Rendition".

Jez was promoted to the role of Editor for the Tenth Doctor and Hannah range in July 2015 after the departure of long-running editor Robert Mammone. Unfortunately due to Jez's increasingly heavy workload at his day job, he had to step back in February 2016 from the role and resumed his role as the Series Consultant, a role he held previously from 2010-2015.
12 May 2016 by tdwp
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