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Fans of The Doctor Who Project and Brief Encounters will be filled with excitement today as we release an all new Brief Encounters story entitled Where There's Thunder by Richard Hoover.

It’s 1832 and an eclipse of the sun brings more than just a celestial spectacle. As lightning falls, a young boy sees. The TARDIS has brought the Doctor, Jamie, and Zoe to a quaint countryside farm. But amid the rustic setting stands a colossal site. Four metal spires reaching to the sky. Parts of a device created by renowned scientists and rivals Michael Faraday and William Sturgeon. A device capable of harnessing devastating energies. What force has brought these men together? What is their “great experiment?” What secrets lie in the storm clouds gathering above? While Jamie and Zoe fend for themselves, the Doctor struggles to find the answers before his dreams become nightmares.

Where There's Thunder is available to download free in PDF format. PDF documents can be uploaded to your PC or e-Reader for your reading pleasure.
08 Aug 2015 by tdwp
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