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It's the end of an era and after fifteen years, The Doctor Who Project, comes to an end with the publication of the Series Finale with Final Reckoning Part Two by John G Swogger.

After forty million years, The Oracle is awakening. On the Arcadia, Hannah and the Doctor barely escape with their lives and return to Earth, where they join forces with Liz Shaw and her team. But not is all as it seems. To what lengths will Liz Shaw go to save her species and planet? What is the true nature of the Oracle? And can the Doctor survive three incarnations of his direst enemy? A plan that began forty million years ago in the heat of the Silurian Empire threatens to destroy humanity and unleash a force greater than anything the universe has ever seen.

Join us December 20th as The Doctor takes his final journey's in time and space.
20 Dec 2014 by tdwp
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