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The moment has been prepared for.

Our final season of adventures begins today with GHOST SHIP by Krista Wilson & Matthew James.

A distress call, abruptly cut off, leads the Doctor, Val and Tom to ship where only a handful of people remain. Ghostly shapes prowl the corridors picking them off the survivors one by one. The Doctor discovers that the crew did not send the distress call and suspect him of being responsible for the disappearances. Then the TARDIS is taken. The Doctor is forced into desperate measures to track down the alien force behind the ghostly apparitions, find out who sent the distress call and explain the fact that although five people are supposed to be aboard, six life signs are registering…

Ghost Ship is available to download free in PDF format. TDWP stories are free to download and the PDF documents can be uploaded to your PC or e-Reader for your reading pleasure.

Cover by John G Swogger

28 Nov 2014 by tdwp
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