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When the Doctor arrives investigating a mysterious distress signal his prejudice against his oldest enemy doesn’t allow for the fact that for once, a greater good has come.

Yes, those pesky little tin pepperpots are back to annoy the Doctor once again, in the season 39 opener, “Reverance of the Daleks”. Always a thorn in the Doctor’s side, their up to their usual tricks causing misery and mayhem but what’s this I hear? Have we got it all wrong? Have the Daleks done something for the good of the people? What’s this about them being the benefactors and caretakers of the Elhoim? Have the Dalek’s turned good? No, that could never happen.

Find out this October as TDWP brings you another season of brand new adventures featuring the Tenth Doctor, and his companions Val and Tom.

TDWP Season 39 debuts October 2013.
19 Aug 2013 by tdwp
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