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Our latest BRIEF ENCOUNTER story "The Man of Many Faces" by Steve Oliver is now available to download free in PDF format.

As an antidote to recent adventures on Titan 3 and Telos, the Doctor wants to show Peri that the universe isnít all dangerous and deviant, and so promises to take her to a tropical planet untouched by civilisation.

However, the TARDIS mistakenly lands on Khranos Prime, a human-colony world in the 22nd century - but something is wrong. What should be a thriving metropolis is inhabited solely by worker robots, locked into preprogrammed routines. With Peri still struggling to come to terms with the Doctorís newly regenerated persona, together they investigate.

What happened to the human colonists of Khranos Prime? Why are the factories still running? And is the Doctor still the same man Peri once knew?

Download this story today.
23 Mar 2013 by tdwp
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