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Season 38 comes to an exciting conclusion in the Season Finale Blue Shift written by popular TDWP writer John Gordon.

In this new adventure on the ocean world of Proteus, at the far edge of the galaxy, an archaeological expedition from the Hamilton Institute investigates an ancient tomb complex and its strange crystalline monument. But the Doctor, Tom and Val discover that there are more secrets on Proteus than those buried in the ground. What are the creatures that stalk the shoreline after dark? Why have seven members of the expedition gone missing?

And why can't the Doctor shake off the strange feeling that he's done all this before?

It seems that on this ancient world, the past has not been properly buried - and when his own starts to catch up with him, the Doctor begins to suspect that it's all a question of memory...

Blue Shift is available to download in PDF format for free.
10 Nov 2012 by tdwp
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