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Season 38 continues with "Second Life" the third story of the season. Penned by former TDWP Editor Kyle Bastian - author of such stories as Lokahi, Convergence and Blossom Core - this story sees the return of two former companions in an exciting new story.

The Doctor thought he had everything under control. The cell was constructed to his design: quartz-sapphire laser bars, stasis field, time loop all set up within in a reconstructed sector of the Time Lord's notorious prison planet of Shada. He thought that would hold her. But he was wrong Bramahl has escaped and is out for blood. Along with Tom and Val, the Doctor must track down Bramahl, and their only clue is her successor from Section 13 Tamara Scott. But her life as a companion was erased... wasn't it? An old friend's timely return may hold the key.

Second Life is available to download for free in PDF format which can be viewed in multiple applications. Download your copy today.
20 Oct 2012 by tdwp
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