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The Doctor Who Project's Season 38 continues today with the publication of the second story of the season, "THE VAULT" by Miles A. Reid-Lobatto. Miles will likely be familiar to long-time readers of TDWP having penned "The White Death" which was featured in season 33. Miles returns after 5 year absence with this new tale set in the frozen Russian north.

A secret Russian installation, dating back to the Second World War. A research facility built deep into a mountain, dedicated to the collection and study of extra-terrestrial technology that crashes behind the Iron Curtain. Even to the Russian Government, it doesn't exist. Its existence covered up since all contact was lost back in the 1970s. On behalf of an old friend, the Doctor, Tom and Val accompany a U.N.I.T research team to find the Vault and explore it. What they find, deep underground are the remnants of some of the darkest days of the Cold War. Secrets are revealed, crimes are uncovered. Deep in the Vault, there is no way out and they are not alone and not all of their team are to be trusted. Deep in the Vault, something is waking up.

"The Vault" is free to download in PDF format which can be downloaded and viewed in multiple platforms.
13 Oct 2012 by tdwp
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