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Welcome to The Doctor Who Project

The Doctor Who Project (TDWP) is the multiple award winning Canadian Doctor Who fiction series based on the long-running BBC science-fiction television series “Doctor Who”. TDWP centers on the continuing adventures of an alternate Doctor and his companions. Stories are published as part of an overall season that concentrates on delivering a collection of short stories that sees the Doctor facing new and original situations in time and space.


Latest TDWP News Headlines
The Doctor Who Project is pleased to announce their newest range of short-stories, The Time Detectives.

The Time Detectives is The Doctor Who Project's very first spin-off series and will be centering on Time Lady Grae, former companion to TDWPs Eighth Doctor.

On Gallifrey, there has been a revolution. Lord President Quella has been overthrown – having been seen as too weak on renegades. The new Lord President, a man named Restaar has risen up the ranks to be appointed. Having been recalled to Gallifrey by the new Lord President, Grae has been seen to have gotten off too easy from her “crime” of manipulating the time lines to bring her friend Tamara Scott back to life. She has been retried, found guilty, and sentenced to absorption – erasure from the timelines, past, present and future. While awaiting to be escorted to her death, she is abducted by a group of unknown Time Lords and taken to the head of the Celestial Intervention Agency, Coordinator Rosza and former Lord President Quella – and they charge her with a mission. In order to earn back her freedom, she must investigate the Cult of Antiquity.

Grae objects, but she is told that she has no choice - it’s this mission or her sentence will be carried out. Grae wants to work alone, but she is forced to work with Atrix Gavay, a con-man and smuggler for hire from a Earth colony named simply Flame’s Eye. Neither are happy working with each other, neither trust one another. Atrix and Grae's relationship is initially rocky, but over time they realize they must work together. Their relationship becomes one of mutual respect.

The CIA also provide Grae & Atrix with a refurbished Type 70 TARDIS, but it's not a fully operational model - there are no coordinate controls - only an operational Randomizer. The TARDIS can be dematerialized, but the two travellers have no control over where they go. Only the CIA knows.

Charged with investigating the Cult of Antiquity, over the course of their adventures, Grae and Atrix learn that there is more to the shadowy organization. There is a power behind the power, but who, or what, can it be? The cult's influence and power is far reaching. They have infiltrated many aspects of Time Lord life. Many Time Lords have become involved in the Cult - even Grae's sister Kaitha. How did the Cult evolve and come to power? Who or what is behind them? And, can Grae save her sister from their clutches?

Overseeing The Time Detectives will be Kyle Borcz as the series Range Editor. TDWP readers will know Kyle as the creator of Eighth Doctor companion, Grae; as well as having penned several TDWP stories (Blossom Core, The Tears of Rassilon, Snakecharmer) as Kyle Bastian. Kyle also served as an editor with TDWP covering Seasons 30 to 32.

The first 'season' of The Time Detectives will consist of four adventures with the first release appearing in 2018. The project will be accepting story proposals later this year.
05 Nov 2017 by tdwp
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About TDWP
The Doctor Who Project (aka TDWP) began life in late 1998 when several members of the then fan group TASC (Telefantasy Appreciation Society of Canada) were discussing the fact that Doctor Who was no longer on television. This group of fans joked about what the show would be like if they were in the producers chair and in charge of making the series. This was supposed to be just a bit of fun, but one of the members, Bob Furnell, asked “why couldn’t we do our own version of the series?” From there Bob explained he had discovered an online fiction series based on the recently cancelled series “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman”, where a group of fans had got together and wrote a fifth season of the series tying up all the loose ends from the previous season. Bob noted that a lot of these stories were quite good and if this idea worked for a group of “Lois & Clark” fans, why couldn’t it work for “Doctor Who”? This got everyone to thinking and they agreed that this might be the sort of project TASC might like to try out.

Four initial questions were asked…

  1. What if Doctor Who had never been cancelled in 1989?
  2. What if Seventh Doctor (Sylvester McCoy) hadn’t regenerated into the Eighth Doctor (Paul McGann) in 1996?
  3. What if the series was still in production today?
  4. What would we do if we produced the series?

The answers that came from those four questions proved to be quite interesting, and it was at this point that the group decided to launch a fictional version of the television series. The Doctor Who Project was born. From there, Bob and fellow TASC member Misha Lauenstein laid down the initial guidelines for the fledgling new fiction series.

Over the next several weeks, the group (consisting of Bonnie Gale, Terry Baker, Pat Burt, and Jay Demetrick) along with Bob and Misha discussed ideas that would form the basis for this new fiction series.

Progress was slow and sadly the group couldn’t come to any sort of mutual agreement on the project, and as a result, Bob and Misha took matters into their own hands. Together Bob and Misha formulated that the first season of adventures would consist of 6 original stories penned by various Doctor Who fan writers. The stories would be published in Word format and would be emailed out to subscribers weekly over a period of six weeks. The series would use the Seventh Doctor, as played by Sylvester McCoy, for the series first two stories, after which the Seventh Doctor would regenerate into the projects very own Eighth Doctor who would be played by a fictional actor by the name of Jeremy Banks-Walker. The first story of the season would see the return of the Silurians along with the Seventh Doctor encountering former assistant Elizabeth Shaw, who would accompany the Doctor during for the first three stories. For the remainder of the season, writers were asked to create a one-off companion to be featured in their story; each character had the potential of eventually becoming the full-time companion of the Eighth Doctor. The first story would be published in January 1999.

The rest as they say is history.

* * * * *

TDWP has always been about originality and remaining true to the spirit of the original television series. We have always strived to be innovative and original. As we published each new season of stories, the editors, and writers, improved at their craft. Editorial comments were made on each story asking for selected changes, and together the editor and writer drafted the best story possible. Every one of our writers is committed to their craft, producing stories of up to 40,000 words. As each season was published, the writers grew, and today we produce quality original fiction. Obviously we must be doing something right as we have been the recipients of no less than 6 MediaWest FANQ awards including: "Best Doctor Who Story (General)" three times, "Best Doctor Who Fanzine (General)"; twice" and "Best Doctor Who Artist".

Our writers include some of Doctor Who fandom's best:  Arnold T. Blumberg (Howe's Transcendental Toybox), Will Hadcroft (Anne Droyd and Century Lodge, The Feeling's Mutual), Kyle Bastian, Jodie van de Wetering (ABC Television), John Gordon Swogger (The Goddess & The Bull), Tim Jones, Duncan Johnson, and numerous others...

For full details on our range of exciting adventures, please visit one of the links at the top of this web page.


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